DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure Costume

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure Costume

Connect glowsticks together and soon you’ve got a strand which stretches the amount of one’s wing span (out of wrist, round the torso( to additional wrist). Starting in the center of the top torso, make use of clear

packaging tape to fasten shine stick to black top . Stable glowsticks down the front of their arms, then taping at the top wrist and arm. Wrap tape completely across the arm to get additional security (Picture 3).

glowing costume

Use tape to fasten a directly glow rod line (the pole figure’s chest) from the sternum to directly beneath the bellybutton . This line will join the wing span arch into the top arch. To produce the rod figure legs, then make still another arch of glowsticks like this of this wing span, surrounding the buttocks, legs and thighs with tape to maintain shine sticks inplace . Create a pole figure mind by linking the ends of one shine rod to build a massive circle. Tape the ring at the sternumĀ  and onto the cover of your mind . Wear a blackhat to reduce tape from sticking with hair.

Slice the lights and then bask in the glow.