Information about the Types of Modes in Pixel Car

Games are the most common things which are used these days to spend the leisure time properly. People need various types of games to play in their daily life. If you love to play the racing games, then you must try Pixel Car once. It is the option to choose from all other drag racing and street racing games. The game we are discussing is considered with two types of racing modes. The two types of game modes are given below

  • Drag Race
  • Street Race

Proper details about modes

As the game Pixel Car includes two types of main modes in it, so it is necessary for the users to learn and understand all the things about them properly. The following are detailed information about the two types of modes which are present in the game.

Drag race

The drag is less interesting as compared to the street race. In it, the users have to drive their car only on a straight path. It is very simple and straightforward. Users are free to choose a car and play according to their choice and comfort level. To win the race in drag mode, one must put the best car on the track. It helps them in many ways.

Street Race

The street race mode is the best game mode in Pixel Car. In it, the gamers can play the game without getting bored. They have to change many lanes and tracks in an ongoing race or street race tournament. The street race mode is more interesting then the drag race mode as in it users have to choose the tracks according to their comfort level.

The game also consists of various types of in-game currency in it. It is the most used thing in the game. In order to pay for the game, one must need enough amount of in-game currency. The more you play the game, the more you earn with Pixel Car Racer Hack in-game currency.

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