Types of Strains in Hempire

Hempire is popularly known for its best features and high-quality graphics. It is the production of LBC Studios inc. and it is the world’s number one trending game nowadays. Hempire is the game of growing weed carefully and after that harvest it to sell in dispensary to earn more in-game currency. It is important for the users to become perfect in it as it helps to play the game easily. The game contains various strains and buds as well. The game is available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost.

Master’s in Strain

It refers to your ability to grow weed plants, water them and harvest them carefully to earn more in-game currency. It is necessary to grow and harvest weed plants efficiently and effectively. Strain mastery includes watering the plants in proper and regular intervals. It also considers harvesting of plants in proper time and sells them in a dispensary. Once you become perfect t in it, the game become much easier in it. It is the best way to lead the game.


The game considers two types of buds which play the more important role in the game. These buds help in the breeding lab and improve strain quality. Following are some types of strains –

  • Epic Buds – It is the first buds which help us in a breeding lab. It can be earned by doing proper harvesting of weed plants and watering them at regular intervals. It provides you 30% or lower buds at every single time.
  • Legendary Buds – It refers to the breeding of lab to enhance strain quality. These buds are used once as per attribute. Legendary buds provide you the higher rewards as compare to epic buds.

Breeding Lab

As for the name, breeding lab means the place where breeding of plants takes place. There are two epic buds in the game, i.e., epic and legendary buds. These buds are earned only during harvesting and watering of plants or with Hempire Cheats. These buds are stored in your particular warehouse. The breeding strain process can result in two ways which are as follows –

  • Users breed to enhance the mother strain
  • Breed to create a new and fresh strain

Properties of Strain

Strains are the more important thing we are talking about. Every strain has its three to four properties in different ratio. Following are some important strain properties in the game –

  1. Aroma
  2. Pain
  3. Mood,
  4. Potency






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